Contract research


A high success rate and excellent quality: that is our priority. 

  • Reliable and not biased
  • Application to practice 
  • Flexible 

HLB leads the way in conducting research and carrying out tests in open-field crops. With a strong team of agronomists, phytopathologists, nematologists and entomologists, we always have the expertise to investigate a varied range of issues. We help design the research and see to the implementation and analyses. 

It will go without saying that HLB has the certification you would expect from a Contract Research Organisation. For example, we are accredited to use unauthorised substances as well.  We work according to standardised protocols of EPPO (among others), and we are GEP certified. More about our certification and quality assurance can be found [here].  


Would you like to know more about our expertise and Contract Research? Please contact one of our project leaders directly.

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We use our broad knowledge and well-equipped facilities to reliably study the efficacy and selectivity of chemical and biological crop protection agents. Our broad practical knowledge is what sets us apart.  Whether it concerns insects, fungal diseases, bacteria and viruses or nematodes, HLB always has an up-to-date view of the situation in practice. This means we always conduct field research on a field where the conditions are optimal for a successful trial. This also applies, for example, to the side effects of products on beneficial insects or nematodes or combinations of products and cultivation techniques. 

Our knowledge and experience in the field always give our clients and us the edge. 


Onze kennis en ervaring in de praktijk, geeft ons én onze opdrachtgevers altijd de voorsprong.

Baseline studies or in vitro tests are used to test the efficacy of plant protection products at laboratory level. That makes it possible to quickly and reliably test whether a new substance has any chance of success. The baseline studies can also be used to test the resistance of micro-organisms to certain substances. Baseline studies can be conducted with nematodes, bacteria, and most fungi present in the HLB collection. 

HLB carries out various resistance studies for breeding companies. Nematodes are our main field of expertise. Our facilities also enable us to study quarantine diseases such as wart disease. HLB is the only private institute designated for resistance testing. For potato cyst nematodes, HLB is also recognised as the official implementing institute, and the Dutch Plant Protection Service (NVWA) accepts the results for the official listings. HLB maintains inoculums of various populations and propagates them for resistance research purposes.