HLB has extensive facilities for various research. High quality and reliability are paramount.

The right facilities are indispensable for good research. At our location in Wijster we have:

  • Quarantine laboratory and greenhouses
  • Microbiology Laboratory Climate and storage cells
  • Processing room for field trials

In addition, we have access to various field locations for field trials in the Netherlands, but also in Germany and Belgium.

In the quarantine laboratory we perform the analyses on nematodes and quarantine organisms. The microbiology lab is used for all types of diagnostics, including molecular tests and their development. The quarantine greenhouses are very suitable for greenhouse trials, grower tests and, of course, for the propagation of inocula.

In our climate and storage cells, we can carry out disease tests under conditioned conditions and we can carry out storage tests under practical conditions. In the well-equipped processing room, our employees process all field trials and the yield and quality measurements are performed.