Farming the future!

HLB is there for the farming of the future. We become a little more sustainable every day by combining smart, innovative techniques with our high-quality knowledge and translating this into practical applications at lightning speed. More sustainable as a company, more sustainable as a agricultural sector. That is how we are building the future, towards well balanced agriculture in balance. HLB, farming the future! 

HLB puts knowledge into practice. From scientific research to concrete advice for the farmer. An integral approach is key for us: healthy soil and a healthy crop are inextricably linked. This is the starting point of our research and advice. We have various research facilities and our own quarantine lab. Here we conduct scientific research, but we also carry out practical research. 

HLB employs nearly 40 people, ranging from specialists in nematodes, insects, soil, molecular structures and microbiology, to crop consultants, laboratory staff and test field staff. It is this mix of science and practice where staff work together in a close-knit team that guarantees high-quality knowledge and practical ideas and applications. 

For growers

Growing crops is intensive and challenging. From starting materials and fertilisation to protection and harvesting, each connected phase calls for the same amount of attention. HLB supports growers with excellent research and advice at every step and every farming decision. We do this, for example, by mapping the starting materials, as we do with the Seed Potato Scan. HLB is also an indispensable partner during cultivation, with fertiliser research, nematode research and quick soil and crop health diagnoses. 

Of course, our research results are always accompanied by expert advice from our consultants. Not only are you as a grower given almost instant advice, you are also made aware of the practical alternatives. The result: an optimal farming result you can rely on, now and in the future.



For businesses

Together with the companies within the HLB Group, HLB is a valuable partner. Combining scientific research, practical research and advice is what makes our role unique. Working with HLB means working with well-trained specialists, from scientists to trial field staff. 

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Contract Research

For the chain and NGO’s

Developing and disseminating knowledge is what we are all about and is anchored in our DNA. Together with chain partners, growers and NGOs, we build new knowledge every day: valuable knowledge that offers the agricultural sector future prospects. We also take a proactive approach to this, such as by initiating projects and setting up partnerships. Of course, we actively participate in appealing projects that help optimally support the sectoral changes with directly applicable knowledge on the farm and in the chain.

HLB Group

HLB B.V. is part of the HLB Group, a group of companies that all contribute, from the perspective of their own expertise to robust agriculture: the farming of the future. We do this through innovation and data, innovative techniques and by developing and sharing knowledge! But it all comes down to our strength in translating all this information into practical crop cultivation means.  That is what makes us a great partner for farmers, businesses and governments alike.