Advice & consultancy

The combination of research, diagnosis and advice guarantees the application of the latest knowledge in advice



HLB can translate scientific knowledge into practical applications at lightning speed. That is what makes us and our practical guidance unique. Our advisers are specialised in individual and group guidance. Our primary drive is to create real added value for the farmer and gardener through sound advice. That does not end at the primary sector; our advice also makes a difference further down the agricultural chain. Our advice stands out for its strategic cultivation management. In this area, we achieve maximum results by carefully analysing points for improvement, making the right cultivation decisions and getting the timing right. The combination of research, diagnosis and advice guarantees that the advice is based on the latest insights. That is how the latest research results are put into practice at lightning speed. And because we make many different diagnoses in practice, we are always up to date with the most current situation in the field. 


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Individual guidance

One way of making optimal use of the advice provided by HLB is individual guidance. Individual guidance involves the entire company being scrutinised together with the consultant. Working with the grower, our advisor identifies the bottlenecks as accurately as possible. This can be taken as a basis for making strategic improvements. 

Study groups/group supervision

HLB also offers guidance in a study group context for both arable farming and the cultivation of flower bulbs. This guidance focuses on strategic crop management and sustainability. HLB bases its advice on the latest research results. Essential aspects such as the farm plan, soil, tillage, fertilisation, choice of variety, nematode control, crop protection, green manure and storage are discussed depending on the requirements.