HLB continuously develops new knowledge in the field of plant and soil health and applies it throughout the entire agricultural chain. Due to the unique combination of research, diagnosis and advice, we have a wealth of data and practical knowledge.
  • Nematodes
  • Moulds
  • Insects


Depending on the bulb type, harmful nematodes can have a lot of influence. Stemnematodes in tulips are a quarantine disease, lilies are particularly bothered by root lesion nematodes and gladiolus and dahlia are again very sensitive to M. chitwoodi. Knowing what’s in your soil is the start of good control.

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The above-ground moulds  in particular can have a devastating effect in the cultivation of flower bulbs. But bulbs can also be seriously infected by moulds underground. This mainly concerns fusarium and botrytis. Both infections can occur early in the season and lead to plant failure, poorer storability and partly as a result of loss of yield.

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Viruses are a structural threat in flower bulb cultivation. A more accurate approach is only possible on the basis of monitoring. De Groene Vlieg offers a suitable solution for this.

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