Tuber survey 10 x 10

In addition to good hygiene, the timely detection of infection is the most important measure for preventing disease.

Both viruses and bacteria are common and often latently – i.e. not visibly – present. The 10×10 tuber survey is an ideal method for determining the degree of contamination. Therefore, this type of tuber analysis is ideally suited for an inspection, e.g. for a company’s own propagation. 

100 tubers are submitted for the inspection with a completed sample form. This form can be downloaded here. 

Under the 10×10 inspection, 10 samples of 10 tubers can be examined for viruses. This at covers least PVY, with the possible addition of PVA, PVX and PLRV. 

The samples can be examined for Pectobacterium and Dickeya. 

A combination of bacterial and viral tests is also possible. This can be indicated on the sample form, or you can contact one of our consultants for more information.